Company’s closed-loop of production

For 25 years Orion operates in a closed-loop of production. Orion is a symbol of home based meat production company that offers to its clients only Bulgarian meat and well-trade prices. Orion has a long-established place in the distribution market share at national level. The company’s ambition to meet the needs of the long-standing customers, contributes to the continues modernisation and integration of new technologies. As a result, Orion accomplished full independence of the Global market fluctuations thanks to its closed-loop of production. This includes:

Agricultural cooperative for grain harvesting

Own grain base and feed factory 

Biogas installation

Pig farm

Meat-producing plant

Brand products

Brand shops and distribution network

Company staff

The company works with its own Bulgarian raw materials, needed for the production processes in order to meet the taste qualities of the “Bulgarian product”.

The pig farm is located on the outskirts of the village of Apriltsi surrounded by deciduous forest and a micro dam. It is spread over an area of ​​132000 sq.m. On this area are located 27 buildings namely: hogs for breeding different categories of pigs, an office building and a feed mill. The capacity of the pig farm is for 15000 pigs, of which 2000 sows with offspring of all ages. It is planned to produce about 40,000 in one year where fattened pigs up to 120 kg. on the ramp. To achieve the planned results, the company invests BGN 7 million in the modernisation and equipment of the eating and watering halls; air conditioning, heating and ventilation; flooring and external insulation.

The Company’s meat production plant is located in the village of Varvara, at the foot of the Rhodope Mountains. It is situated on an area of ​​6 056 sq.m. In 2007, a project has been implemented under the SAPARD program for equipment of a meat production and meat processing enterprise worth over two million. It has been approved by European Standards for performing activities related to raw materials and foodstuffs of animal origin.

The main building has 3 floors and has an area of ​​2 048 square meters:

  • slaughterhouse with three pig slaughter lines with a capacity of 40 pigs per hour, 20 calves per hour and 60 lambs per hour. It is possible to work on a three-shift eight-hour duty cycle;
  • cutting room for carcass cutting and cuts;
  • workshop for minced meat and minced preparations;
  • workshop for the production of a product with the semi-low perishable date and cooked-smoked sausages;
  • workshop for raw-dried products;
  • drying chambers for raw-dried products.

The production factory employs well-established technologists where the products are produced based on original Orion recipes. The tasty products are meeting the expectation of the clients by delivering original taste and high quality. The products produced from the meat production plant are sold on the Bulgarian market, mainly in Orion branded stores.

In 2015, Orion started its long-standing contribution to enhancing Bulgaria’s environmental footprint by completing its project to build a biogas installation.

This type of installation is among renewable energy sources that deliver energy and heat without burdening the environment. With this project, Orion is optimizing biodegradable municipal waste, thanks to which it is currently generating and selling fully renewable electricity.

In addition, the company takes advantage of the natural fertilization of its agricultural cooperatives by utilizing unnecessary processed fermentations.


The agricultural cooperative for grain harvesting has existed since 2007 and cultivates 8000 decares, which are partially purchased by the company and the rest is rented. The cultivated land is located near the village of Varvara. There is a specialized machine park for all land cultivation activities. The harvest produced is transported to the Feed Factory in the pig farm in the village of Aprici for its own consumption.

Landlords have the choice when signing a rental agreement to choose the type of rent that they will receive. It can be grain, money or meat products. Many of them prefer to celebrate national festivals with fresh meat from an established producer partner, such as ORION. The closed-loop of the company enables the agricultural cooperative to use the biogas installation output for fertilizing the cereals. Orion invests in specialized agricultural machinery for the transportation of solid and liquid fertilizer.

We are happy to conserve nature by using natural stimulants to get the most grain from our farmland. The feed factory is located on the territory of the pig farm in the village of Apriltsi – designed and built to meet the requirements for the production of compound feed and holds the necessary permits. The plant not only feeds its own animals at the pig farm, but also feeds other smaller pig farms. The technology and the capacity of the Feed Factory make it possible to produce other types of feed for different species of animals as well as to be offered on the free market.

For 25 years on the market, Orion has proven its loyalty to the company’s staff. Experience shows that employees are one of the most important assets of a successful business. The relationship with the staff enables the company’s development by optimizing workflows. This leads to higher productivity and increased customer loyalty. The three pillars on which Orion builds its relationship with its employees are:

  • Trust – Company employees can rely on the managers to share their views and suggestions about the workflow.
  • Security – 200 secured jobs. Over the years, Orion did not make any reduction to any employees, but rather supports them and gives them security for future family investments.
  • Long-term career path – an opportunity to unlock the potential of every employee. Over the years, Orion has created possibilities to promote every employee to a more responsible position.